ECHO software seamlessly integrates into your existing business processes to serve your company through:
  1. Online Order Capturing
  2. Specific knowledge and Verification of FAR’s
  3. Shipping and Logistics Information—Including Tracking Numbers
  4. Secure Electronic Financial—Records Integrate into Quickbooks, Microsoft Excel, etc.
  5. Customer Follow Up
  6. Full-picture Reporting Techniques—Including GSA Standard Forms, DoD WAWF Forms, and eSRS etc.
Federal Contractors love these ECHO features:
  • Capturing MORE orders and automating up-sale suggestions
  • Receiving RFQ’ and Purchase Orders in customized electronic forms
  • Allowing invoice tracking, submission, and order completion tracking
  • Capture data and purchasing trends of federal customers
  • Easily integrates into your company’s current IT environment
Federal Purchasers love these ECHO features:
  • Providing easy ordering tools with dealers contract (GSA or otherwise)
  • Automatically sending approval request and submitting forms (per request of purchaser)
  • Providing easy access to shipping and logistic information
  • Tracking orders against purchase ceiling and other financials
  • Allowing distribution of set-aside requirements and the proper documentation
…and that is just the beginning .

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