Our Story


After spending years in the world of federal contracting, we have encountered our share of problems, inefficiencies, and unnecessary frustrations. Eventually, we reached a point where we refused to accept the pattern of daily frustrations that accompanied even the most mundane of orders. Simply put, there had to be an easier way to manage our federal contracts – and the big box companies solutions were too clunky and expensive for our efficient company.

After several months of brainstorming and consulting with industry leaders in software solutions, we decided to develop a solution out of our experiences. We needed a solution that was scalable, flexible, intuitive, and had real ROI. No company has time or money to waste on unproven solutions, and we were no exception.

So we got to work ourselves, found software experts we could trust, created the ECHO solution that we dreamed about, and maximized our return on investment. Then we realized other federal contractors would love this solution too, so we immediately formed Ledger Work Inc.

That’s our story.

-Zachary Eikenberry, President & Founder